Permanent Sales Post!

granted sales permission on November 21st, 2018 by areica96

link to my feedback:


-Prices are in USD; I only accept paypal; I do NOT haggle

-Payment is due within 48 hours of commitment AND receiving a quote; the first person to clearly state they are “committed” will be who I sell to

-I will hold items for 3 days unless given a specific date (ex. if you're waiting for payday)


-Shipping is from PA, USA; I will ship international 

-Shipping prices are calculated when a quote is requested; to request a quote, state what items you'd like and your zip code (state whether you're international)

-once packages are sent out, I'm not responsible for what happens! Still let me know and I'll try to help :(

-Items will be shipped 2-3 days after payment has been received; if there is any delay I will let you know ASAP

-Items come from a non-smoking home; I do have short-hair wiener dogs but they do not have any access to the items 

-I am environmentally conscious and reuse packing supplies for things I receive, I ensure everything is sealed; if this concerns you, let me know and I will use new packaging!


-all pkmncollectors rules apply; I don't sell to banned members!

-I only sell to pkmncollectors members

-backing out after stating your committed will result in negative feedback :(

-I always try to leave feedback! 

-PLEASE mention the price of the item you are requesting, or give a detailed description of the item so I know what you want

-All items will be shipped with protection to ensure there is no bending/folding/other harm to all parts of the items including any tags; if you have concerns let me know!

-Any plushies sold might have tags removed, but almost all tags have been kept (if I received the plush with tags); if you’d like the tag that came with the plush let me know!

-More pictures can always be taken on request

-Any containers will be cleaned before hand





NOT loved!

I love eievui Jolteon plush SOLD

a small thread holding the crest up is broken, but it doesn't affect the crest position that much; other than that no damage

Pokemon Center Shiny Tapu Koko plush

pokemon friends plushes

chansey, blissey, blissey, wooper SOLD, quagsire SOLD, bellosom

cleffa, clefable SOLD, oddish, vileplume, chimchar, togepi

igglybuff, hoppip, chikorita, hoothoot, elekid, meowth SOLD

the two sylveons are bootleg I'm PRETTY sure; I couldn't find the torchic ANYWHERE, only a beautifly of a later series that sold for way more

standing sylveon, "pokedoll" sylveon, Tsunagaru Nuigurumi connecting torchic

pokemon center mimikyu, whimsicott keychain, buizel bath toy, manaphy bath toy

pokemon friends special jigglypuff, mantyke bath toy, chatot bath toy

GROUDON SHEDS!!!!!!!! Kyogre not so much

Kyogre 2005 pokepark plush, Groudon 2005 pokepark plush


the decal has lunala, solageo, litten, rowlet, and popplio

rapidash stickers, chikorita bread seal, totodile bread seal

sun/moon decal stickers

snorlax/mew/pikachu/squirtle/charmander/bulbasaur/eevee card, jolteon card

halloween promo/ let's go promo page, mew/pikachu/bulbasaur/squirtle/charmander page

calendar page, pokeon go mewtwo page

gastly sticker, fearow sticker

eevee and friends phone filter promo page [2]

will not split

Pikachu/Pichu apricorn letter set stationery

it's just hours like "11-2", no words are wirtten

Pokemon X and Y 2015 calendar

The XY sparkling stickers japanese (ぴかぴかシール); washi tape stickers feature fennekin, froakie, chespin, pikachu, litleo, pancham; limited Aichi stickers feature meowth, eevee, oshawott, and pikachu; alola dice sticker feature litten, mimikyu, torrocat, pa'u oricorio, alolan raticate, incineroar; pokemon center water type sticker features squirtle, mudkip, froakie, vaporeon; the legendary and mythical pokemon stickers feature articuno, zapdos, moltres, lugia, raikou, entei, suicune, kyogre, groudon, rayquaza, dialga, palkia, giratina origin, black kyurem, white kyurem, mew, celebi, jirachi, manaphy, keldeo, meloetta;

amada/retsuden stickers(staraptor, stunky, shinx, skorupi, rhyperior, darkrai, lickilicky, giratina origin, weavile, slakoth, mawile, grotle, heatran, mantyke, giratina), trozei stickers (lugia, golurk, cobalion, trevenant, amaura), Pokemon X and Y sparkling stickers (bulbasaur, noivern, pancham, chespin), primal groudon bread seals[2], munchlax sticker, pinsir sticker, alola dice stickers, round washi tape stickers (multicolor, blue, yellow), Marumiya glaceon sticker, Pikachu Wakuwaku Explorer in landmark sticker[2]

Pokemon Center Sapporo sticker  SOLD, 2014 Pokemon Movie Diance and the Cocoon of Destruction sticker, Pokemon Center pikachu/eevee/water types sticker[1] ONE SOLD, Pokemon Center pokemon canvas stickers, legendary and mythical pokemon stickers

2010 Pokemon Center walking series puffy eevee sticker, Pokemon Center type focus fire stickers SOLD, Pokemon Center X and Y puffy sticker sheet, Pokemon Center Christmas 2012 PokeSnowman stickers, Aichi center limited puffy stickers, Pokemon Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel sticker sheet

the magnets are NOT strong; Pokemon Get TV (ポケモンゲット); mcdonalds BW2 sticker sheet features arceus, snivy, riolu, meloetta, emolga, black kyurem, white kyurem, piplup, cobalion, pansage, oshawott, palkia, dialga, audino, pikachu, eevee, terrakion, virizion, axew, pignite, scraggy; I have no idea what the SM japanese mini cards are lol

mcdonald's BW2 sticker sheet, 2014 Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction movie  sticker sheet, Pokemon Get TV Tokyo sticker sheet

Pokemon center "look upon the stars" journal, pokemon center glaceon campus mini journal, charizard magnet, samurott magnet, 2013 Genesect and the Legend Awakening movie sticker sheet

Pokemon Center Yokohama 2018 Opening pelipper/eevee/pikachu and friends jumbo bromide promo card SOLD, sylveon/dedenne/pikachu mini file, pokemon X and Y starter sticker sheet

Pokemon Sun and Moon mini cards (komala, turtonator, bewear, vikavolt, solgaleo, charizard, charjabug, bounsweet, grubbin, tapu koko, comfey, crabrawler, drampa, gimshoos, sandygast, pikipek, palossand, lapras, alolan raticate, sharpedo, salandit, wishiwashi, complete zygarde, pikachu, cutiefly, togedemaru, mudbray, oricorio, lunala, bruxish, pyukumuku, alolan exeggutor, mudsdale)

Pokemon eevee and friends sylveon rulers set[8] ONE SOLD

includes letter set, stickers, and tracing stencils

Pokemon stationary set: features pikachu, eevee, sylveon, dedenne, fennekin, froakie, chespin, pancham, swirlix

posters, and pokemon let's go booklet (can take pictures of inside on request)

Pokemon Hoopa and the Clash of Ages poster, Pokemon Center Yokohama promo catalog 

Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Let's Go Eevee booklet SOLD

sticker book

Pokemon Stickedex 2008


from thinkgeek I believe

Munchlax Lunchbox

SUCTION IS NOT STRONG!!!!!! That's how it cracked :(

Pokemon pikachu/chikorita wind chime

key holder japanese name (いっぱいかけられるキーホルダー); tissue pack features pancham, froakie, chespin, helioptile

pichu, togepi, pikachu, marill a lot of key holders

Pokemon Eevee and Friends pencil case, articuno SOLD, poliwrath, pikachu, venusaur, togepi pokeball bell keychains

Pokemon 2010 Raikou/Entei/Suicune/Ho-oh/Luga Mini Card Binder, flareon kid figure, zoroark figure, pokemon x and y tissue pack

meowth figure, pokemon center time eevee strap, pikachu button, ivysaur button

starly figure, oshawott/tepig charm, fanmade sylveon button 

roller stamps are used and have residual ink on them, pictures of the stamp picture can be provided; super rod has never been used, only taken out of box to take picture; batteries not included

pokemon roller stamps: meowth/eevee/mew SOLD; chansey/poliwhirl/togepi; pikachu/raichu/charmander

Pokemon Super Rod (EXTREMELY rare, sold for around $60 when it first came out)

the princess key lights up

dunsparce gaole disk, hoopa tretta coin, pikachu tretta coin, fates collide mega alakazam deck divider

pikachu lantern charm, ponyta mini journal, dratini mini journal, arceus collectible coin

combusken pez dispenser, blastoise pez dispenser, fennekin/braixen mcdonlads princess key baton

croagunk pencil, lucario pencil

Pikachu and Friends Sleeping Time Mew and Gengar milk bottle, master ball eevee/sylveon projector, Pokemon Center I Choose You! 2017 Movie Cross necklace

rotom and rowlett figures included

Pokemon Sun and Moon Melemele Island School figure

when I tried unclipping the umbrella the first time, the strap got kind of messed up; one of the ribs disconnected from the canopy the first time I used it. I've tried super gluing it back on but it doesn't work. The umbrella still opens up fine and keeps you dry

Pokemon It's Demo pikachu and eevee umbrella

each page in the notebook is an outline of the front cover; the container has some scratches on it

Pokemon X and Y starters fennekin/froakie/fennekin and pikachu notebook

swirlix/slurpuff and spritzee/aromatisse sweets container SOLD


all cards are $0.50 unless otherwise stated

TRAINER: pokemon catcher (japanese) [2], balloon berry[3], energy search[4], energy search[4], gambler[4], recycle[4], pokemon switch (japanese) [2], pokemon switch[2], potion (japanese) [2], potion [2], great ball (japanese) [2], pokeball[6], pokeball (japanese) [2], TV reporter[2], Hau (japanese) [3], grass energy[8], grass energy[7], psychic energy[]

FIRE: charmander[2], charmander, growlithe, arcanine, ponyta, slugma, magmar, magmar, vulpix

ELECTRIC: pikachu[3], pikachu[4], magnemite[4], magneton, magneton, magnemite, flaffy, voltorb

GROUND: trapinch[3], marowak[2], cubone[3], kabuto[4], rockruff (japanese) [2], rhydon[2], rhyhorn[4], graveler[3], geodude[2], sandshrew[2], machop[3], mankey[4], japanese 2000 movie promo hitmontop, japanese mcdonalds 2002 p promo tyrogue, phanpy, chikorita, aerodactyl, hitmonee, seadra, diglett, diglett (japanese), golem, graveler, machoke, machop (japanese)

GRASS: nincada[3], exeggcute[5], weezing[2], grimer[2], grimer[2], weepinbell[3], oddish[2], venonat[3], weedle[2], nidoran female[6], zubat[3], ekans[3], metapod[2], bulbasaur[4], burmy, tropius, roselia, treecko, pineco, dratini, tangela, exeggutor, venomoth, bellsprout, bellsprout, vileplume, gloom, arbok, paras, paras, golbat, beedrill, weedle, nidorina, nidoran male, butterfree, caterpie, caterpie, ivysaur

NORMAL: stufful (japanese) [2], rattata[3], jigglypuff[4], kangaskhan[2], tauros[2], eevee[2], meowth[4], spearow[5], bewear (japanese), pikipek (japanese), flygon, vibreva, japanese 2001 movie p promo kecleon, dratini, porygon, porygon, lickitung, farfetch'd, dodrio, doduo, persian, wiglytuff, fearow 


TRAINER: energy retrieval (italian), energy removal, energy restore, high pressure system, low pressure system, gust of wind, pokemon switch (japanese), super potion, ultra ball (japanese), prof. Kukui (japanese), Bill

Pokemon Movie Mewtwo Strikes Back Burger King cards (mewtwo, kabuto, jolteon, magikarp, tauros, magmar, scyther, staryu, seaking, goldeen, tangela, weezing, exeggutor, kingler, krabby, haunter, gastly, shellder, muk, grimer, doduo, rapidash, bellsprout, tentacruel, machop, kadabra, poliwag, growlithe, mankey, golduck, persian, golbat, ninetales, vulpix,clefairy, nidorina, raichu, ekans, beedrill, butterfree, wartortle, charizard, charmeleon), Charmeleon topps card, latios XY full art promo (japanese), yokohama pikachu sailor (japanese)


digimon friends plush, studio ghibli spirited away plush keychains